Our Values

Our Core Values

Being an industry service leader means following a set of core values that guide our mission and day-to-day operations.

Do the right thing.

Integrity and honesty have to be the cornerstone of our belief systems. Doing the right thing must be a part of our decision-making process, regardless of who or what is involved.

Strive for excellence.

While we will never be perfect, we must strive for excellence in everything we do. Superiority, distinction, and quality are what we must demonstrate each day.

Be accountable.

We are all a product of the decisions that we make, not of the circumstances that surround us. Without accountability, there are no results.

Here at TopRx we are accountable to you, our customer. We are accountable to each other ensuring the customer experience is top notch, that we are the best of the best. We want you to feel that there is no one better at serving you as a customer. There is no one better at managing the issues of the day. We want you to know TopRx for the ease of doing business together.

Celebrate success.

Celebrating our success encourages more success. Celebrate every victory--no matter how small--because each one brings us closer to achieving our goals.

Show respect.

To show respect we must honor, admire, and value other people’s perspectives. We have an obligation to treat others as we want to be treated.

Be innovative.

We wish to create a corporate culture that challenges us to think creatively. We will foster continual improvement while developing unique solutions that help solve our customers' and suppliers' problems.

At TopRx we are utilizing data to learn more about the customers we serve. We look at insights constantly using machine learning so that our systems and people are able to predict our customer’s needs and when to anticipate those needs. The data is based on active learning, so we are more prescriptive in how we run the business in harmony with our customers.